OMSB Oman Exam Interview - VIVA Guide
Viva is mandatory for all specialties
Last updated: 4/28/2023, 6:31:45 AM
How VIVA is conducted?

Once you have successfully passed prometric exam, then you need to pass the viva or oral exam, which is mandatory for all specialties. There are couple of main points you should know, before appearing for this viva process, like;

  • If your score is 60 to 70% in prometric exam, then you will get 2 attempts to clear viva. However, if your prometric exam score is above 70%, then you will get 3 attempts to clear viva.
  • International medical graduates, IMGs, can now take this viva, through personally visiting OMSB interview facility in Muscat, Oman. Few months back, it was conducted online via zoom, due to covid restrictions.
  • A visit visa will be offered after successfully clearing prometric exam.
  • Candidate need to provide positive dataflow certificate, prometric exam certificate with passing result, passport size photograph, clear scanned passport copy, and payment receipt for viva.
  • 2 to 3 doctors panel are there to interview you. They usually ask about different case scenarios, treatment, drugs, doses, advices, side effect of the drug. Sometimes, they might start the viva with the recent cases you have managed yourself.
  • One of the examiners can be pharmacist, and in such case, you should expect questions related to drugs dosage and side effects.
  • For GPs, you may be asked 3 to 4 questions. One or two from general medicine, one or two from obs gyn, and pediatrics. For Specialist, you may have 2 to 3 case scenarios specific to that particular specialty.
  • While taking history, you need to ask related questions to the examiner, they will answer you accordingly. Try to look calm & composed, do not move your hands unnecessary, and keep good eye contact, and take history with confidence, they don't want to see you shaky during this process. Be very much prepared in your emergency management. They don't want you to make any mistake in managing emergency case. Be prepared for history taking, specially in emergency case.
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