OMSB Exam general requirements for healthcare professionals
List of required documents for Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Technicians
Last updated: 4/27/2023, 7:15:23 AM
What are the general requirements for healthcare professionals?

Generally, all healthcare professionals are required to have certain number of documents, as well as meet some general eligibility requirements. Like, a candidate should have clear scanned copies of following documents;

  1. Original degree or certificate or diploma, from a recognized institution. If you are from India, Pakistan, Egypt or Afganistan then you must also provide clear scanned copy of back side of your degree.
  2. Mark sheets or Transcripts of the qualification.
  3. Internship or House job certificate, for doctors only.
  4. Experience certificate
    • For general practitioner or general dentist, to be eligible, one must have atleast five years clinical experience, post one year house-job. Whereas, for specialists, one must have atleast 3 years experience.
    • For nurses with bachelor degree, candidate is required to have minimum two years experience, and nurses with diploma need minimum three years experience.
    • For pharmacists, with B.Pharm OR D.Pharm Certificate, candidate is required to have three years experience.
    • For Technicians, and other allied healthcare staff, with valid diploma, candidate is required to have three years experience.
    This experience certificate should be duly signed and stamped. Should have clear email, and other contact details mentioned at their letter head. Must be issued by human resource, or administration department only. In case of self employment, please make sure to submit your business registration certificate.
  5. Valid Medical License issued by licensing authority of graduating country.
  6. Recent Good Standing Certificate (GSC) issued by the medical council or association from the country of last employment. This certificate is only valid for six (6) months from date of issue.
  7. Passport size photographs in blue background, and some with white background.
  8. Photocopy of the National ID Card
  9. Your CV, in the required OMSB format.
  10. Your valid passport. Make sure, that it is not expiring within atleast 6 to 8 months, from the time of starting this process. And lastly,
  11. Log files, for specialists only.